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How a Shy Guy Can Pick Up women

Shy Guy Can Pick Up women Stuck on how to pick up woman that is perfect for you? Not got the confidence to make that first move? Well so was I until I found the perfect solution. As a shy guy, I never had the confidence to pick up a woman in the conventional sense. […]


My Story… (how to pick up women)

How to pick up women: Hi you guys, I decided in this post that I’ll tell you my personal story about how I broke my terrible shyness barrier and managed to reach a situation that I can start with any girl I want and succeed. It’s Important to note that this is only my personal story, […]


Alternative Dating – SMS Dating

How to pick up women: Picking up women can be trying at the best of times and conventional dating is a minefield that few dare to tread through fear of long lasting mental scars or trauma. If you are stuck in a rut and want to try something new, then why not try something alternative […]