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Can You Pick Up Women On The Dance Floor Without Talking?

Pick Up Women On The Dance Floor So can you Pick Up Women on the dance floor without talking? I don’t have a magic wand you can be sure of that, one thing I do have is my sense of pleasure and good time… when I get into a party I don’t go to the […]


You Need Skills And Confidence If You want To Pick Up Women

Are you having a trouble to pick up with beautiful women in the street? I know how you feel in fact I’m sure that the majority of the people feel that way. it goes like that, you see a beautiful women and you are sure she wont notes’ you , you think that it is […]


How Do You Pick Up Women Outside Of a Bar?

Pick Up Women Outside Of a Bar One of the best ways to pick up women outside a bar is to ask a women opinion on stuff, it will make your firs line sound a lot more natural and friendly. Be nice but not too nice because you want to reflect confident and power, another […]