Being at the right place to meet women

Being at the right place to meet womenBeing at the right place to meet women

Women in some aspects are just like men.  They want companionship, they want someone to talk to, they want someone to approach them with a smile and be greeted with a “Hi.”  Although the real secrets behind the art of hitting on a woman not that an easy task to find, you can start by setting yourself at the right place to meet the best women for your taste.  So here are some places you can find women:

Church – this is a common ground for single men and women to meet and is the best place for you to be at if you are into the family-type of women looking for guys like you who is family oriented.  Women attending church don’t really focus much on keeping their guards up so you can consider that an advantage to show off the best side of you.

Grocery stores – is where you can meet a lot of women and most of them do their groceries on the same day every week.  Start out with a courteous conversation and hope that she will show up the same day on the next week.  The place will also be able to tell you the type of woman you are dealing with by checking out what’s in her cart.  From the items she intends to buy, you will see whether she is a healthy eater or fancies wines and other produce.  You can use what you can find from her cart as a topic to open a conversation with her.  Just make sure though that she is buying for herself.  You wouldn’t want to have a misunderstanding with her.

Tanning salons – are the best places where you will be able to find hot looking women meeting up with their other hot looking female friends for a tan.  Those salons with waiting areas are great to sit by while waiting for your turn and strike a conversation about tanning.  Don’t get too smart about tanning though or she’ll think you’re vainer than her.

Gym – is one of the known places to find healthy and sexy looking women.  Be careful with your topic though.  Women, like men don’t like talking about their body until they are fully satisfied about the way it looks.  They are in the gym to work out, lose weight and be in shape after all.  The opening line may be a little hard to find but you can use how she lifts her dumbbells to start a conversation.  However, if you are interested with a woman who is wearing headphones or earphones, it would be best to achieve eye contact first before you get close or else, they wouldn’t even notice you at all.

The best places to pick up women are not such a hard task to find for men.  You just need to improve your chances by being at places where there are a lot of them around.  Although some men still stay being single after looking for women they like is because they are afraid of being rejected.  Get over this fear and move on to finding the woman you like and you’ll no longer be single.

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