Different women = different methods

Different women = different methodsDifferent women = different methods

Guys looking for the best advice in getting hooked up with women commonly end up with a general idea that there is a single set of methods or steps that will make you a pick up master.  This idea in reality is wrong.  As much as there are different women in the world today, there is also that much different personalities that come with every single one of them.  Well on some levels, they are the same but not totally the same.  So in this sense, you can’t just use the same pick up lines, methods or strategies to get them all.

There are guys out there who believe that with their own set of strategies, they will be able to hook up with every woman they bump on the streets or any other places.  These are the type of men who would usually believe that all women would respond similarly to the single set of things they do to hook up.

To prove this is wrong, I have a friend who falls into the same category of these guys party at a club and asked him to approach every women he likes with the same strategies but this time, I took him to a different club.  That he did and using the same techniques that he used on other women before back at the previous club he’s used to be partying the night off.  To his surprise, it was like a big bang to his place that he almost went home with a hand print on his face.

Considering the techniques that he used, what happened back at the club didn’t mean it was a weak one.  It only meant that there simply isn’t a single way to make all women fall for the same techniques that you have.

Branch out your strategies so that it’ll fit with every woman’s taste.  Getting out of your comfort zone will make this step easier on your part.  Step out of the routine things that you ought to do in all women that you have hit on.  Try out new things that you can find online or in some magazines and reap the success of your hard work.  You need to try out different places where women meet to make sure that you are able to deal with different kinds.

Practice makes perfect as they say and this is true with approaching women.  As there are a lot of attitudes that you haven’t met yet, then you need to develop new skills that will be able to adapt to those attitudes.  Their personalities will vary and will be a mix of different sets of values and practices that you won’t find in other women.  Familiarize yourself with them and from that point on, you will be able to prove to yourself that there indeed isn’t a single way to hit on women but a lot more than a single one.  Just make sure that you don’t play with them or somebody will get hurt.

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