Getting the attention of the girl you like

Getting the attention of the girl you likeGetting the attention of the girl you like

Seeing the girl that makes you shiver to the bones can take you back to childhood when you had your first crush.  The nervous feeling of her passing by and the great pleasure to all the simple things she do is more than enough of a picture that you would want to paint, frame and display a thousand times in your room.  However, there is a catch.  Has she even paid any sign of interest in you at all?  Not even once?  Not even a little bit?

Well if you are stuck in this kind of situation, then you should start working on getting her attention.  Here are tips that can help you catch that illusive attention that you’ve always wanted from the girl that you like.

  • Make eye contact – it is important that you are able to look her in the eyes.  As they always say, the eyes can express so much that the mouth could not and by doing so, you are revealing something inside of you to her.  This will also show her that you have interest and that you have intentions of getting closer.  Focus on the eyes though, looking through various areas of her body can be a turn off as she might think you are checking her out.


  • Give her a surprise – women love surprises and some sort of mystery like leaving a note in her locker or bag.  Simple messages of affection can send jitters to her spine.  If you have ideas about her favorites, you can send one or personally delivery them to her.  This will only show her that your interest is high enough that you have done your homework well.


  • Make her laugh – a man with a good sense of humor is a great attraction to women.  Honestly speaking, who doesn’t love someone who can make you laugh your lungs out?  Still keep in control while making the jokes.  Going overboard at times can end up with offending hits that won’t be pleasing to hear.  Practice your jokes well or simply take out the funny side of you.


  • Be confident – confidence is believing in oneself and knowing well of what you are capable of doing.  Losing confidence when the time comes that you are to approach or talk to the girl you like might end up with you stuttering the simple word “Hi.”  A reminder, don’t confidence get way over your head.


  • Tell her – if you really want to get that attention you want, the straightforward option is always there to work for you.  Tell her straight to her face how much you like her and if you both end up having the same feeling, then everything’s about to work well.  If not, you can always try again with other girls.

Practice these 5 tips that can help you get attention from girls that you want and always keep in mind that your success will only be as good as how you act in front of the girl you like.

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