How to pick up women online easily

How To Pick Up Women OnlineConsidering the enormous amount of time that a lot of us spend on the Internet, either by choice or by compulsion – as a result of our respective professions, it should come as no surprise that we also look to score success with members of the opposite sex, in cyberspace.

That said, when it comes to understanding how to pick up women online, is the overall approach any different, when the platform in question happens to be the Internet? The usual observation has been that things are not as dramatically different as assumed by many. At the same time, there are certain succinct and subtle aspects that you do need to be wary of, when the playing field is the Internet.

One, you need to be wary of the fact that the other person you are trying to court cannot see you physically. While this gives you an opportunity to lie about your physical appearance to virtually any extent, we vehemently recommend against doing so. The reason for such a recommendation is not too hard to fathom; remember that even if you are meeting online, the intention is certainly to meet offline and eventually take the relationship to a whole new level. In such a scenario, you must be honest to the fullest extent possible about your appearance, unless you are content with “cyber intimacy”!

How to pick up women online- the easy stuff

Next, when it comes to understanding how to pick up women online, it is imperative that you do not jump to get sleazy; remember that the Internet is already full to the brim with men of that kind. If you want to catch the attention of a woman who is hoping to be in a serious relationship with a man like you, it is important that you focus on things beyond sex and intimacy alone. For instance, family matters, interests in life, etc. should get precedence over physical intimacy. Even if sex is foremost on your mind, perhaps it would be a good idea not to be too upfront about the same; as you get around to interacting with and subsequently meeting a person you come across online, you can easily take things over to the next level, viz. physical intimacy.

How to pick up women online – final words..

Finally, while we already mentioned about the importance of being accurate and honest in your portrayal about yourself on the Internet, remember that there are many out there who are not as scrupulous as you. For instance, there could be men posing as women, either just for kicks or to garner personal information out of you. Further, there are hookers and call girls as well as online pornographic sites which are looking to garner customers or members respectively, surreptitiously in this manner. As a person looking to understand how to pick up women online, you do need to be wary about such possibilities. The ideal way to identify and differentiate such elements from other serious candidates, is to be very cautious about giving out personal information and try and arrange a personal meeting as quickly as possible, which will let you know the true colors of the person at the other end of your computer screen.


How to pick up women easily at singles bars

How to pick up women easily at singles bars

How to pick up women at singles bars


For many men reading this who have otherwise not been to singles bars, this might seem like a very easy proposition which is really no big deal – aren’t women at singles bars simply waiting to be picked up? So why the fuss?? Well, ask the men who have been to these bars and they will relate to you stories of frustration and disappointment wherein they have simply not been able to understand how to pick up women easy at these singles bars. So read through this article to pick up some pointers on how to make your ordeal that much easier.

The first thing you need to be aware of with respect to understanding how to pick up women easily at singles bars is that you are up against significant competition. Like you, there would be a lot of other men around who would also be looking to pick up women at the singles bar. In order to be successful, you need to stand out from the others in some way or the other. Merely because other women at the same singles bar are also either looking to pick up men themselves or hoping that they would be picked up by other men does not necessarily guarantee success for you.

As far as making the ordeal far more successful for you is concerned, as we mentioned, you do need to stand out from the others. You would have heard numerous recommendations in this regard such as not being too cheesy or sleazy, but we would rather recommend that you try and gauge the woman you are hoping to hook up with, carefully, and be the man that she would like or prefer you to be. For instance, it is quite likely that the woman you are looking to hook up with is not on the lookout for anything emotionally heavy. Rather, she is in it simply for some games or pleasure; she does not want to strut heavy stuff around. In such a scenario, to come across as a person who is looking for a long term commitment might only put her. Likewise, you must actually come across as a person who is in for something long term, if that is what the woman in question is looking for.

How to pick up women at singles bars

Overall, when it comes to understanding how to pick up women easily at singles bars, the common observation has been that confidence does play a very big part. If you can confidently approach a woman you do not know personally, strike up a good conversation and rapport, then by and large, you should meet reasonable success. As you build the conversation, you will easily be able to gauge what the woman in front of you is actually looking for. You can then go on to play your cards accordingly.

The fact that all women at singles bars are also looking to hook up with men of course makes your task that much easier. So, fasten your seat belts and get going…the answer to understanding how to pick up women easily at singles bars, lies at the nearest singles bar near you.


Getting the attention of the girl you like

Getting the attention of the girl you likeGetting the attention of the girl you like

Seeing the girl that makes you shiver to the bones can take you back to childhood when you had your first crush.  The nervous feeling of her passing by and the great pleasure to all the simple things she do is more than enough of a picture that you would want to paint, frame and display a thousand times in your room.  However, there is a catch.  Has she even paid any sign of interest in you at all?  Not even once?  Not even a little bit?

Well if you are stuck in this kind of situation, then you should start working on getting her attention.  Here are tips that can help you catch that illusive attention that you’ve always wanted from the girl that you like.

  • Make eye contact – it is important that you are able to look her in the eyes.  As they always say, the eyes can express so much that the mouth could not and by doing so, you are revealing something inside of you to her.  This will also show her that you have interest and that you have intentions of getting closer.  Focus on the eyes though, looking through various areas of her body can be a turn off as she might think you are checking her out.


  • Give her a surprise – women love surprises and some sort of mystery like leaving a note in her locker or bag.  Simple messages of affection can send jitters to her spine.  If you have ideas about her favorites, you can send one or personally delivery them to her.  This will only show her that your interest is high enough that you have done your homework well.


  • Make her laugh – a man with a good sense of humor is a great attraction to women.  Honestly speaking, who doesn’t love someone who can make you laugh your lungs out?  Still keep in control while making the jokes.  Going overboard at times can end up with offending hits that won’t be pleasing to hear.  Practice your jokes well or simply take out the funny side of you.


  • Be confident – confidence is believing in oneself and knowing well of what you are capable of doing.  Losing confidence when the time comes that you are to approach or talk to the girl you like might end up with you stuttering the simple word “Hi.”  A reminder, don’t confidence get way over your head.


  • Tell her – if you really want to get that attention you want, the straightforward option is always there to work for you.  Tell her straight to her face how much you like her and if you both end up having the same feeling, then everything’s about to work well.  If not, you can always try again with other girls.

Practice these 5 tips that can help you get attention from girls that you want and always keep in mind that your success will only be as good as how you act in front of the girl you like.