Pick up tips for men on the streets

Pick up tips for men on the streetsPick up tips for men on the streets

We learn pick up tips for bars and various places that we usually hang out from but how about some tips when you bump into someone on the streets?  We have to admit it, there are a lot of chances when we walk past a woman or she walks past on you on your way to work or someplace else and you can’t even move a muscle to talk to her.  The basic thing that you need to do is:

You need to have a voice that won’t scare her off her feet.  A nice friendly tone can make you sound approachable and not a threat.  Do it like you are walking on the street and you bumped into an old friend who after your greetings didn’t notice you and after a few feet away, you decided to run after him and say “Hi there!”  That is the exact kind of tone that would make a woman look at you and smile.

Say you are downtown shopping around and a hot woman is walking towards your direction and passes you by.  What you can do is like what the above paragraph said about a friend.  Walk fast after her, give her a tap on the shoulder and with a friendly voice you say, “Hi.”  You can make sound better by saying “Hi, I was doing some shopping around but I just can’t help but run after you and say how lovely/cute/beautiful you are.”  Say those words with a smile and you have a bigger chance of talking to her more.

Another tip here is that you don’t go after her once you have stopped her and complemented her.  You chasing her around is a creepy and stalker-type act that can definitely scare her away.

Make your body look like it’s telling her how friendly you are and that you are only after her for a talk and nothing else.

Don’t look down while a woman is about get past you or even while you have stopped her and was able to start a conversation.  This can be both a creepy and perverted act that you don’t want to in.

Picking up women on the streets isn’t that much of task, provided that you will be able to stop her on her tracks and be able to say something that would complement her or draw her to you.  If however you still are failing to approach women on the streets, you can solve the problem by learning something about seduction. For you to be able to attract, seduce and approach a woman.

Although there is no replacement for a good experience in teaching you how to pick up women on the streets, you can always look for references that will be able to boost your performance and lead you to more success with every women you see on the streets.  Know the type of women you like and the one in front of you to make sure you have found the right one.

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