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Picking up women can be one of the most intimidating challenges of our lives as most of us don’t look like Brad Pitt, have the charm of James Bond or the rugged confidence of Mickey Rourke.

From candle lit dinners with that hot work colleague to the lottery of going on a blind date, there are many pitfalls to a void and enough planning to make you want to throw the towel in before you have even set foot out of the front door.

All is not lost though as nowadays there are many ways around the traditional matchmaking nightmares through alternative dating.

Picking up a woman on Facebook or one of the other social networking sites beats true dating hands down. Here you can avoid uncomfortable silences and fashion disasters by meeting, chatting and flirting online and can even pick up a girl’s favorite song from You Tube and send it to her instantly or even better say how you feel with a song.

Alternative dating comes in many guises with SMS dating being one of the most popular of recent times. If you can’t say what you want face to face because Jessica Alba makes your palms sweaty then don’t bother.

Now you can flirt, send messages and develop your relationship with Pamela from work from the safety of your home without having to think on the spot and make a total jerk of yourself.

There are even websites that offer dating advice so you can pick up that dream girl or solutions that will turn any hopeless romantic into a cool, calm and collected Casanova.

So if you need to learn to Pick Up Women then why not try one of these new and easy ways and see just how quickly your luck changes.

Top Five Tips To Pick Up A Women

Read The Signs

Knowing when not to make your move is as important as actually making it. If you can see the girl has a face like thunder and has mascara running down her cheeks then it safe to say that she’s not in the mood for dancing!

Be Confident

To succeed at anything in life you need to be confident. Girls love confidence in a man and it has been proven to make them feel both safe and horny so what are you waiting for?

When Your Smiling

Have you ever heard that expression ‘When you smile, the whole world smiles with you…’ Well its true, people tend to mirror the reactions of others. If you smile or laugh then there is a good chance that the other person will do it subconsciously too which of course puts them in the right frame of mind to be picked up.

Body Language Does Matter

Learning to read the things women do subconsciously when they are attracted to you is a highly valuable skill. When you know the difference between a lingering look and an annoyed stare you will be well on your way to knowing when and when not to pick that girl up.

Shock And Awe

Most stunners complain that men are too intimidated to even talk to them or are just too obvious in their advances. Be the exception and start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the place and try to keep your tongue in your mouth. You never know you might just shock her into wanting to know more.

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  1. Randy Graham says:

    This article hit the nail on the head!

  2. Haha I really don’t care what they say about her! I think she is the ultimate, though that could just be because she has such a magnificent body!

  3. I see so many males attempting to make females laugh, and usually they fail. The absolute worst thing you can do is say a scripted joke. They can’t stand it!

  4. Great read thanks for posting, I have added this to my propella bookmarks.

  5. You can read many stupid tips on the internet that will simply just kill you date, but these ones are great! 🙂 I picked up my current girlfriend with the third tip from this list last Friday! 😀 I had to come back to say THANKS and YOU ROCK!

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