The art of seduction

The art of seductionThe art of seduction

Seduction can be considered an art for both men and women, and developing this type of skill is worked out over time.  You may need to face a couple of trial and error but when mastered, it’ll be worth all the trouble.   Take these tips into consideration and you’ll be better at seduction than you have ever dreamed.

One of the main things that you need to focus on before you go out seducing women is to make sure that you have a good reputation for yourself where people (especially women) will see you as someone attractive or praiseworthy.  This however does not mean that you have to make up stories about your profession, lineage, financial status and so much more.

Refrain from being too needy.  The more you get desperate about seducing a woman, the less they will be attracted in you.  Try to relax.  Be comfortable with who you are and what you feel so that it will transcend from you to the other person near you.

Be playful with the woman that you are seducing.  Try teasing her with some jokes that you have but make sure that you don’t end up blurting out her flaws.  Smile a lot especially when she is looking at you.  Make simple physical contacts like holding her hands or her face but keep it in places that won’t be rude.

Don’t portray a role of someone who is always available.  Once you are getting in good terms with a woman you are trying to seduce, make sure that you don’t always go out of your way just to be with her or to cater to her needs.  A little chasing from her would be added thrill and more reason for her to want to be with you.

Never get weak on the knees.  This however does not suggest that you wrap up your emotions and throw away for good.  Try opening up to her and show her the softer side of you just so she would have a better picture of who you really are.  Know what she likes and adapt it to your personality.  Her choices may be completely different from yours and it would be normal for you to be just like that person she likes.  You don’t have to give your personality a facelift, just make it more desirable according to her preferences.

The process of seduction can take some time depending on the woman you are dealing with.  Patience as they say is a good virtue and you should try holding on it as well.  It will only be a matter of time when she’ll discover how amazing you really are and not rushing into seducing her is a good step to make.

Go out and seduce women you like, just make sure that you end up with her by your side and not in jail being sued for harassment.  There is a fine line between seduction and being foul so you need to pay attention to everything that you do.

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